About Reinders + Law Ltd

About Us

Reinders + Law Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm providing a wide range of architectural, engineering, and project management services.

Established in 1967, Reinders + Law Ltd. has provided professional consulting services on over 4,000 projects to both public and private clients throughout North America and abroad. Satisfied repeat clients and referrals provide the significant majority of our work.

Our diversity of experience gives us unique insight into innovative projects and effective goal-oriented solutions. Our clients benefit from single-source responsibility and cost-effective consulting.

Our Mission

  • We are a dedicated and passionate team of highly-skilled professionals.
  • We design community buildings and spaces where people pray, stay, earn, and learn.
  • We put form to our clients’ needs and visions, leaving a thumbprint on the world.

Our Vision

We are the premier design firm in our chosen markets with global capacities through our empowered people.

Shared Values

  • Quality: Performing to a high standard and creating value for our clients.
  • Trust: Belief that people will demonstrate integrity and follow through.
  • Results: Accomplishment of measurable outcomes that are mutually beneficial.
  • Reputation: Consistently being held in high esteem for dedication and accomplishments.
  • Community: Valuing relationships and shared participation for a common purpose.
Mission Statement Thumbprint

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