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About Us

Reinders + Law Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm providing a wide range of architectural, engineering, and project management services.

Established in 1967, Reinders + Law Ltd. has provided professional consulting services on over 3,800 projects to both public and private clients throughout North America and abroad. Satisfied repeat clients and referrals provide the significant majority of our work.

Our diversity of experience gives us unique insight into innovative projects and effective goal-oriented solutions. Our clients benefit from single-source responsibility and cost-effective consulting.

Our Mission

  • We are a dedicated and passionate team of highly-skilled professionals.
  • We design community buildings and spaces where people pray, stay, earn, and learn.
  • We put form to our clients’ needs and visions, leaving a thumbprint on the world.

Our Vision

We are the premier design firm in our chosen markets with global capacities through our empowered people.

Shared Values

  • Quality: Performing to a high standard and creating value for our clients.
  • Trust: Belief that people will demonstrate integrity and follow through.
  • Results: Accomplishment of measurable outcomes that are mutually beneficial.
  • Reputation: Consistently being held in high esteem for dedication and accomplishments.
  • Community: Valuing relationships and shared participation for a common purpose.
Mission Statement Thumbprint

Glenn Reinders — President

Glenn provides project consultations for church, school, and multi-residential clients and leads the design teams from concept to reality. He translates the development process through staff involvement and is involved in the functional programming, conceptualization, regulatory approvals, technical construction documentation, and contract administration.

Specializing in building envelope detailing and technical specifications, Glenn’s projects include new buildings on green sites, facility additions on existing sites, and complete adaptive reuse of existing facilities into new development projects.

Glenn enjoys traveling, hockey, baseball, golf, and most of all, spending time with his grandkids. Glenn is the President of the non-profit charitable organization, Mission to Haiti Canada, which aspires to create and nurture opportunities for the people of Haiti.


Steve Law — Vice President of Engineering

Steve takes a hands-on role as the Head of Engineering, specializing in all aspects of structural design and project coordination. His background includes a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

Steve enjoys playing golf, watching hockey, and keeping up with his favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

He also has a love of photography and enjoys taking snapshots of memorable sites on his travels around the world.


Kyle Reinders — Vice President of Architecture

Kyle has a broad range of experience in the design of multi-unit high-rise residential communities, places of worship, and a variety of commercial projects. His involvement in these projects extends from early conceptual design and feasibility studies, construction documents, contract administration, to final occupancy. He has led the firm’s advancements in 3D visualization and use of virtual reality software to provide increased access to the design process for clients and user groups.

Kyle spends his leisure time on the baseball diamond or the golf course, and loves to travel to various sporting events across North America with his wife and three kids.



Rod Gay — Associate

Rod’s 30+ years in the architectural field offers a wide range of experience of building design; single family residential, multi-residential, senior’s facilities, places of worship, commercial offices, arena and stadium design complete his portfolio. This experience has Rod involved in the technical aspects at R+L to produce construction drawings, including conformity with the OBC, co-ordination with consultants, tendering projects, and site supervision.

When away from the office he enjoys the family life and his weekly hockey games.


Jason Hunwicks — Associate

Jason joined Reinders + Law after graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Architectural Science.  He has had diverse experience working on places of worship, multi-unit residential, school, commercial, and transportation projects.  Jason has been involved in a variety of roles including 3D visualization, conceptual design, construction drawings, contract documents and project co-ordination.

Outside of work hours Jason enjoys playing golf, attending sporting events, and most of all spending time with his wife and two kids.

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