King’s Christian Collegiate — Oakville, ON

King’s Christian Collegiate was a project won by competition. Reinders + Law Ltd. were retained to design and construct a 40,000 square foot secondary school for an initial student population of 300 students.

Project Overview

The plan for the school building at King’s Christian Collegiate was divided into two phases:

  • Phase One — The construction of a two-storey Academic Wing.
  • Phase Two — The construction of a one-storey Athletic/Community Wing.

Academic Wing

The Academic Wing was designed to contain all the classrooms and general administrative facilities, spread out over two floors. Access to the building was provided by stairs at each end of the building and a centrally-located elevator, offering complete barrier-free accessibility. This wing of the school can be recognized from the exterior by the brick arches, set forward, along Burnhamthorpe Road.

Athletic/Community Wing

The Athletic/Community Wing was designed to contain a library and a gymnasium, which also served as the main assembly area for school productions and community events. This wing of school can be recognized from the exterior by its elegantly curved timber roof, which opens onto the natural landscape of the school grounds

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