• Glenn Reinders
    Glenn Reinders President
  • Kyle Reinders
    Kyle Reinders VP-Architecture
  • Steve Law
    Steve Law VP-Engineering


  • Jason Hunwicks
    Jason Hunwicks Associate
  • Rod Gay
    Rod Gay Associate


  • Geoff Fernandes
    Geoff Fernandes Controller / Operations
  • Hala Askndafi
    Hala Askndafi Architectural Designer
  • Jon Yuzon
    Jon Yuzon Architectural Designer
  • Jorge Maruri
    Jorge Maruri Structural Designer
  • Lucas Eyong
    Lucas Eyong Senior Structural Engineer
  • Lynn Reinders
    Lynn Reinders Executive Assistant
  • Marian Gerges
    Marian Gerges Architectural Designer
  • Matt Dibbits
    Matt Dibbits Architectural Designer
  • Patrick Fronda
    Patrick Fronda Structural Engineer
  • Rey Yuzon
    Rey Yuzon Structural Designer
  • Stuart Hill
    Stuart Hill Architectural Designer
  • Tomi Daramola
    Tomi Daramola Architect
  • Tyson Best
    Tyson Best Architectural Designer

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