King Street Community Church — Oshawa, ON

Reinders + Law Ltd. were retained by King Street Community Church to work through a functional programme and masterplan study of the entire, existing five-acre site. The purpose was to assess how the existing building and property could be developed to better suit the current, and future, needs of this growing Church community.

Project Overview

A total redevelopment plan was created, with the aim of providing a generous Sanctuary, Atrium, and Gymnasium expansion, while maximizing the existing building for administrative offices, adult areas, and children and youth programmes.

A phasing plan was built into the masterplan study to allow the Church to move forward as growth in any one ministry was realized. 

The 1,000 seat Sanctuary and Atrium project provided the congregation with a larger worship venue that flowed naturally into a community interactive space to increase the relationship-building activities of the Church. By providing a space for social interaction and learning, the strength of the congregation was further developed as a community in the area.

As the masterplan was completed, the Church immediately moved forward with their Sanctuary and Atrium expansion to provide more worship and interaction space for the congregation to grow. Further expansion and renovation plans are in the works as the Church continues to grow and realize their financing.

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