For a school designer, the most important issue is to understand how the physical environment relates to and supports the student’s learning process. As students grows, they learn in different ways and the physical environment of the school should reflect this evolution.

At Reinders + Law Ltd., we specialize in providing creative solutions to school projects at any stage of this learning process. Our solid understanding of this environment goal gives us the ability to undertake projects of any scale or type.

Some of our Learn Projects

  • Burlington Christian Academy – Burlington, ON
  • Covenant Christian School, Smithville, ON
  • Credo Christian School, Woodbridge, ON
  • Dundas Calvin Christian School, Dundas, ON
  • Froebel Foundation School, Mississauga, ON
  • Grace Church School, Newmarket, ON
  • Guido De Brés High School, Hamilton, ON
  • Holy Trinity School, Richmond Hill, ON
  • Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto, ON
  • John Calvin Christian School, Smithville, ON
  • John Knox Christian School, Oakville, ON
  • King’s Christian Collegiate, Oakville, ON
  • Kingston Christian School, Kingston, ON
  • Mcmaster Divinity College, Hamilton, ON
  • Northumberland Christian School, Cobourg, ON
  • Oxford Christian Reformed School, Mount Elgin, ON
  • Pickering Christian School, Pickering, ON
  • Quinte Christian High School, Belleville, ON
  • Redeemer University College, Ancaster, ON
  • Rehoboth Free Reformed Christian School, Copetown, ON
  • Sacred Heart Catholic School, Niagara Falls, ON
  • Timothy Canadian Reformed School, Hamilton, ON
  • Timothy Christian School, Barrie, ON
  • Timothy Christian School, Owen Sound, ON
  • Toronto District Christian High School, Woodbridge, ON
  • Toronto District Christian High School, Woodbridge, ON
  • Trinity Christian School, Burlington, ON

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